Company overview

Multiplex Petrolia Logistics Solutions B.V. is a worldwide transportation company which provides the carriage of containerized cargo from Caucasus to Central Asia and vice versa, serving the route via dedicated own offices in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

Multiplex Petrolia Logistics Solutions B.V. operates a fleet of trucks and trailers, refrigerated containers, container yards, cold storage facilities, port equipment and a vessel on the Caspian Sea.

It’s engaged in land, sea and rail transportation of general and frozen products to/from the Georgian Black Sea ports of Batumi and Poti, to/from Azerbaijan and Central Asian States (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan). The company ensures safe rail and sea carriage together with shipment services in the seaports of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan



history of incorporation of Multiplex Petrolia Logistics Solutions goes back to 2012, when the UBOs of American Monolith and Arco decided to develop the business in to a full scale logistical enterprise with aim to provide a comprehensive solution for local and international forwarders and traders in Caucasus and Central Asia regions.

First to be mentioned, by that time, absolute majority of transportation of goods was provided by outdated and long running rail cars, that took over 8 weeks the product to reach its destination in CA. So our goal was to establish advanced transportation mechanism, both, in terms of quality of the service, as well as efficiency and speed of delivery.

With this in mind, Multiplex group and its UBO acquired a BVI company owning the movable assets like container carrier boat, the port crane, park of trucks and refrigerated containers, other machinery.

Most important, Multiplex negotiated the terms of a long term cooperation with the private port owners in Baku, the core-stone of MPLS transportation operations towards the Central Asia region.

A holding company for all these separate entities Multiplex Logistics Solutions BV was formed in Netherlands in Sept. 2013, among others, also inspired by a DTT between Georgia and Netherlands.

From September 2013 and till the end of the year, titles to all the Georgian and BVI companies were transferred to the Dutch holding Co.

In February 2014, 50% of the Holding was transferred to a German based company named Petrolia GMbH. and company name has been respectively changed to Multiplex Petrolia Logistics Solutions BV.