The Company was incorporated under the Law of Georgia in 2003.
At present 100% of its shares are owned by MPLS B.V. Company facility, its assets and its business operations are conducted in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Cold Storage facility has been fully reconstructed and equipped with new engineering equipment in 2014, in cooperation with a Spire Group (Canada) the largest temperature controlled warehouse operator in North America.
Arco LLC became a member of MPLS Group from 2013.
Over 90 % of company business is serving the local market and about 10% is a transit cargo.
At present Arco holds over 25 % of the market share in Tbilisi.

Temperature controlled storage and a dry warehouse:
• Company has capacity of up to 4,500 mt. (another 600 mt. cold storage is under construction) is frozen product bulk or paletted under respective temperature conditions -18C up to -23C;
• Leasing out a “dry storage” with a capacity to keep 3,000 mt.
• Leasing out commercial space and offices for its customers.

• Inbound or outbound of goods from the railcars and/or trucks (containers);
• Cross-docking (reloading products from containers into rail cars).

Document Administration:
• Border cleaning of product on behalf of non-resident customers;
• Preparing the documents for release;
• Invoicing;
• Inventory monitoring;
• Reporting to Customers and Board of Directors.

• 50

• Tbilisi market is big enough so there are a lot of medium size customers.

• There are up to 5 significant competitors but based on the increasing tendency of demand the opportunity for extending the operating activities is high.

Entity holds cold storage facility with the capacity of 4,500 tons and dry store with the capacity of 3,000 tons. 0.5 ha is a vacant area for extending the capacity of cold storage facility. In addition to this there is a capability to extend the plant by purchasing nearby vacant territories. There are also commercial areas for cold storage service users and others. Entity holds 8 forklifts and other necessary equipment. Utilized land area is 1 ha. Arco has an ability to receive and release the goods from container yard side and from private railway site.

Front side of CSF, Arco, Tbilisi.

Right side, parking territory, Arco, Tbilisi.

Railway point, Arco, Tbilisi.

Dock, goods release process, Arco, Tbilisi.

Warehouse doors, elevator, Arco, Tbilisi.

Dock, goods release process, Arco, Tbilisi.