The Company was incorporated under the Law of Georgia in 2005.
At present 100% of its shares are owned by MPLS B.V. Company facility, its assets and its business operations are conducted in Poti, Georgia. Headquarters of the company is located in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Cold Storage facility has been constructed and equipped in cooperation with Spire Group (Canada) the largest temperature controlled warehouse operator in North America and with financial support of OPIC. Construction started in early 2010 and operations launched in September 2011. Facility is registered as a bounded warehouse with VAT exempt regime. All sales operations are USD based.
American Monolith LLC became a member of MPLS Group in December 2013.
Over 95 % of the company business is related to a transit cargo and at present, AM holds 50 % of the market share.

The business operations of the company are as follows

Temperature controlled storage:
• Facility has a capacity to keep 10,000 mt. of frozen product, bulk or paletted under -18C up to – 23C in its 5 separate cameras.
• In accordance with HACCP norms different product is stored separately.
• All products are placed on a “six high” racking system, without any risk of damage to the product.

• Inbound or outbound of goods from and in to railcars and/or trucks.
• Cross-docking (reloading products from containers into rail cars).
• Monitoring the temperature regime.
• Company has 12 different capacity forklifts and other necessary equipment for smooth operations.

Document Administration:
• Terminal Service.
• Border cleaning of product on behalf of non-resident customers.
• Preparing the documents for release, Invoicing.
• Inventory monitoring.
• Reporting to customers and the headquarters.

Container yard:
• AM developed a container yard (with plug-ins) for 150 containers in a court of AM property. Company has special lifting equipment (rich-stacker) and rents another when required.

• 130

• Entity has an exclusive contract in side of terminal service for REF containers with Maersk and MSC. For storing and handling the Company has 2 major and up to 10 minor customers (traders).

• From 2019 there is only one significant competitor which is also one of the major customer of AM. Other cold storage facilities were not able to take the goods storing license for Kazakhstan market. Taking a license relates to a lot of complex procedures and terms which in a near future for other cold storage facilities is almost unreachable. Market share is over 50%.

• Company owns a rail lain 120 m. with a possibility of its expansion.
• In 2016 company acquired 10,000 sq.m. land edgiest to it territory for future development.

American Monolith LLC facility in Poti

Racking system

Container yard and lifting machine